Summon the AI4U Mind into your presence with MSIE.

The Motorium Mind-Module in the AI Breakthrough
by Mentifex

1. Theory of AI4U Textbook Algorithm Steps: Code a Motorium Mind-Module

  Hearing    Vision    Concepts Volition Emotion   Motor Output
 /iiiiiii\  /!i!i!i!\                             /YYYYYYYYYYYY\
| ||||||| || ||||||| |   +                       | |||||||||||| |
| ||||||| || | ___ | |   +                       | |||||||||||| |
| ||||||| ||  /old\  |   +                       | |S|||||||||| |
| ||||||| || (image)-|---+_                      | |H|||||||||| |
| ||||||| ||  \___/  |  /  \                     | |A|||||||||| |
| ||||||| ||         | (idea)               __   | |K|||||||||| |
| | ||||| ||         |  \__/---------------/  \  | |E|||R|||||| |
| |d------||---------|---+        ____    (fear)-|--*|||U|||||| |
| ||||o|| ||  _____  |   +-------/    \----\__/  | |||||N|||P|| |
| ||g|||| || / re- \-|---+      / de-  \---------|------*|||E|| |
| || |||| ||/entrant\|   +     (  ci-   )        | |||||||||T|| |
| ||||||| ||\ image /|   +      \ sion /---------|----------*|| |
| ||||||| || \_____/ |   +       \____/          | |||||||||||| |

The above diagram shows the theory of the motorium, or motor output,
upon which the Mind.Forth artificial intelligence is based.


To build a robot is by default to make a moving, working machine.
Some robots are all mechanical with no software in control, but the
more advanced a robot is, the more complex software it will have.

(Preliminary) Purpose: Conscious, voluntary control of robot motor output.

Input: Goals, values and plans.

Returns: Actuation of motor devices.


Since many robots already have motor control software, AI engineers
must either build a Mind on top of the pre-existing motor software
or start from scratch and replace the motor routines of a robot with
more comprehensive AI software that will include a motorium module.

We encourage robot builders and manufacturers to prepare for robot AI
by crafting their motor software as if it were subroutines called by
a higher level of general machine intelligence. If a basically empty
but easily expandable main aLife loop runs inside a robot brain with
the sole duty of calling and monitoring whatever motor control exists,
then it will be a natural progression to reengineer the robot with AI. is an overview of Mind.

4. JavaScript Seed AI source code with User Manual
  Motorium -- not coded

5. Mind.Forth free artificial general intelligence with User Manual
  Motorium -- not yet coded is the Mind.Forth User Manual. explains the variables.


In the AI theory of Mind.Forth, the motor memory channels run in parallel
with the sensory memory channels, but in the opposite direction.

As the advancing front of consciousness gradually fills in the lifelong mindgrid
of the conscious, thinking organism, each fleeting moment of the present is connected
both to sensory memory channels (on the left, above) and to motor memory channels
(on the right, above). Thus a time-bound associative tag may run horizontally
to connect from a concept fiber node either to a sensory memory engram or to a
motor memory engram.

Of course, the cerebellum in a human brain plays a far more sophisticated role
in motor activations than is depicted above in the ASCII diagram for Mind.Forth,
but still we can code simple versions of volition controlling motor memory channels.


Try in advance not to introduce any evolutionary bugs.

The AI Debugger program may shed some light in general on how to debug
and troubleshoot programs in artificial intelligence.

8. Motorium Resources for Seed AI Evolution

The Motorium mind-module is the subject of Chapter 4
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by Prof. Robert W. Jones of Emporia State University.
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