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  •                ________                ________          
                  /        \              /        \         
                 ( Motorium )   ______   ( Security )
        ________  \________/\  /      \  /\________/ _________
       /        \            \/  main  \/           /         \
      ( Volition )-----------(   Alife  )----------( Sensorium )
       \________/  ________  /\  loop  /\  _______  \_________/
                  /        \/  \______/  \/       \
                 (  Think   )            ( Emotion )
                  \________/              \_______/
    First implement the main Alife Mind loop at the core of the AI framework from
    the AI textbook AI4U: Mind-1.1 Programmer's Manual with printable Index.

    See also Ada - APL - C - C++ - COBOL - Forth - Haskell - Java - JavaScript - Labview -
    Oberon - Perl - Prolog - Python - Ruby - Scheme - Smalltalk - Tcl - Visual Basic - XML.

    SAT.10.FEB.2007 Lisp for Modular AI is where Lisp programmers may read or post the latest news and ask or answer questions about modular AI in Lisp.

    Before the Singularity overwhelms us, everything is open for discussion and debate. There are no mandatory Standards in Artificial Intelligence. AI coders are free to read parts of AI4U on-line about some AI modules pre-existing in Mind.Forth and Mind.html for MSIE, and are then free to suggest entirely new AI modules and entirely new theories of how to code modular AI.

    One thing keep in mind, please. If you put the first module up on the Web as a skeletal framework for others to work on, you may trigger a Technological Singularity.

    Tues.19.AUG.2003 in the evolution of Do-It-Yourself Artificial Intelligence.

    This weblog invites Lisp programmers to implement the main Alife Mind loop of the simplest artificial intelligence.

    Please put the resulting free AI source code on the Web to inspire other coders to flesh out the core of the AI with additional mind-modules.

    There is no need to standardize or homogenize the evolution of the AI Minds in Lisp or any other language. Let there be a wide diversity and diaspora of the evolving Minds in a classic scenario of the survival of the fittest.