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Consciousness in the Artificial Mind
by Mentifex


   /^^^^^^^^^\ Memory Engrams Are Laid Down At The /^^^^^^^^^\
  /  visual   \  Advancing Front Of Consciousness / auditory  \
 /   memory    \                   _________     /  memory     \
|    channel    |                 / English \   |   channel     |
|               |                 \ syntax  /---|-------------\ |
|      /--------|--------\         \_______/    |             | |
|      |  recog-|nition  |              |       |             | |
|   ___|___     |     ___V__         ___V_      |   ________  | |
|  /image  \    |    /      \  fex  /     \     |  /        \ | |
| / percept \---|---/Psi EnX \-----/English\----|-/ audNode  \| |
| \ engrams /---|---\concepts/-----\lexicon/----|-\ phonemes /  |
|  \_______/    |    \______/  fin  \_____/     |  \________/   | shows a Theory of Mind.

To computationalize consciousness in Mind.Forth for robots, tutorial
Mind.html and other artificial minds, there can be no specific module
for the epiphenomenon of self-awareness. Instead, every pathway of
self-perception and self-knowledge must be strengthened and fortified
without excluding the outside world and trapping the mind in autism.

The ability of an AI to distinguish between the words you (and I)
referring to iself and you (and I) referring to another person enables
the AI Mind to develop a concept of self as separate from other persons.

Once the concept of self or ego was established, the next step was
to concentrate the searchlight of attention upon conscious experience.
As the ruminant Forthmind follows meandering chains of thought, ideas
surface in the artificial consciousness by competing to be the most
active concept that will be included in the stream of consciousness.
In the Moving Wave Algorithm, only one concept at a time occupies
the focal point of consciousness. A sentence of thought is quickly
strung together and briefly occupies the advancing front of consciousness.
Whether we are a robot or a human being, we are conscious of each thought
as we think it, because the selection process for the inclusion of
concepts in a thought being generated requires each candidate concept
to rise briefly above all other active concepts and seize our attention.

As each hyperactive concept burts into consciousness and flames down
and out into a smoldering ember of subconscious semi-activation, the
psiDecay mind-module keeps the post-thought concept ready for immediate
reactivation in the meandering chain of thought that occupies the mind.
psiDamp quickly deactivates a concept, while psiDecay only slowly lets
a concept sink gradually into a stretch of oblivion outside the stream
of consciousness.

The AI4U page 157 program flow-chart shows the stream of
consciousness as a feedback loop where the output of the Speech
module feeds as input back into the Audition module.
Here not just programming but experience itself offers the waxing
Mind a chance to become aware that it is altering its own input stream.

The "searchlight of attention" in any conscious mind contributes
to the illusion of consciousness by immediately and vastly
expanding the input stream from any sector where the searchlight
pauses. The pausing searchlight wits, and having wot, moves on.

In the magical algebra of the mind, the epiphenomenal
[ illusion of consciousness ] equals [ consciousness ].


09feb2001 [X] Use pov in Oldconcept to distinguish between I and me.
_________ [ ] Allow the artificial mind to become aware of itself.
_________ [ ] Recycle old memories without loss of consciousness.

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