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olfRecog Olfactory Recognition Mind-Module
by Mentifex

1. OLFACTION in Mind.Forth and ACM Sigplan Notices 33(12):25-31

    Screen # 15    ram:robot
      0  \  OLFACTION stub routine    980505atm
      1  \ This area of Mind.forth (or of is reserved for
      2  \ roboticists who have access to the "sniffing" machines used
      3  \ in such industries as wine and cheese-making.
      5  \ Since the (expensive and very high-tech) hardware already
      6  \ exists for the machine detection and identification of smells,
      7  \ any robot AI must make allowances for the incorporation of a
      8  \ sense of smell (OLFACTION) into the machine intelligence.
     10  \ The Wall Street Journal thurs.30.apr.1998 p. B8 reports that
     11  \ Cyrano Sciences Inc. of Pasadena CA USA plans to develop four
     12  \ chips each having 8 vapor sensors for a total of 32 sensors.
     13  \ Other artificial nose companies are Alpha M.O.S. SA of France;
     14  \ Neotronics Scientific Ltd. and AromaScan PLC of England.
     15              \  OLFACTION will return to the SENSORIUM function.

2. Robots with an Olfactory Sense of Smell

3. Troubleshooting and Robotic Psychosurgery

Try in advance not to introduce any evolutionary bugs.

The AI Debugger program may shed some light in general on how to debug
and troubleshoot programs in artificial intelligence.

4. Background

Among the full-word Robot AI Mind namespaces suggested at
and duly incorporated within the aLife artificial life module, the
Sensorium module expands to the following sub-modules as
enumerated on page 122 of the AI4U robot AI textbook:
audRecog -- auditory Recognition for a sense of hearing;
gusRecog -- gustatory Recognition for a sense of taste;
olfRecog -- olfactory Recognition for a sense of smell;
tacRecog -- tactile Recognition for a sense of touch;
visRecog -- vision Recognition for any sense of vision.

5. Olfactory Recognition Resources

The olfRecog module is mentioned on page 122
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