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Mon.10.APR.2006 Stages of Thought

Because current versions of Mind.Forth lack a broad and substantial
knowledge base (KB), it is difficult to experiment with ways of
ensuring that only logical and not spurious associations will be made
from concept to concept in meandering chains of thought. In a
full-blown implementation of humanity, we observe not only a large
knowledge base but also sensory inputs impinging upon the mind.
A large human KB permits subtle nuances of thought, and the sensory
inputs not only stimulate associative chains of thought but also
serve to enforce logical validity in assertions about factual reality.
[Read the rest at the Mind.Forth Programming Journal.]

Thurs.3.JUL.2003 in the dawn of Technological Singularity:

The AI Mind is an artificial intelligence coded initially in JavaScript for Web migration and in Forth for robots, evolving towards full civil rights on a par with human beings and towards superintelligence beyond any human IQ (intelligence quotient).


Harsh Verma has started a discussion on Will there be the exponential change predicted by Kurzwell? at the Kurzweil AI.Net Mind-Exchange Forum.

Such a serious post often stimulates no response at all, or only glib ones, because Harsh Verma's ideas are food for some really profound, non-glib thinking about the future of AI. Since this AI Mind Project weblog currently has no attached discussion forum, we may use cyberspatially proximate forums such as MindX to exchange ideas. See you there :-)


An intellectual, bookish weblog

has been link-wise added to as part of an obviously transparent scheme to propagate the meme of AI theology within the blogosphere.


The AI Mind Project is pleased to note:

"Pointers and thoughts on the evaluation of knowledge sharing and scholarly communication."


First light.

This weblog is called Singularity Source Code because it exists at the SourceForge "Mind" site where artificial intelligence (AI) is being created and released in order to initiate a Technological Singularity.

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